Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Commerical Line Poem

(note all lines come from commericals that were played between 7:20 and 7:45pm on April 11, 2006)

Put down the phone!
Toto we're not in Hollywood anymore
How is this possible?
Line between expected & unexpected...
Look we've got our hanes on now
Precise control
Daddy, did you see the light?
That's Mars. Right there.
Do the cool whip
Flavor protect wrapper
It's a formula
Unusually spacious
I kinda adopted a kid
A chosen few spoke a language
It's the army
Maybe I'm gay
Please don't tell me I turned you into a lesbian
Listen to the music
I'd call you a liar
That's not my grandmother.

Monday, April 10, 2006

here we go

AM Systems

Pursuing power psychos
plenty go & civilians recruit public Pope
What fulfills president office?
Soon this abuse of power will murder country
Tomorrow calls for Ghandi to shoot little state roles
Fix information
and pursue good.
Stop blowing bombs.
After president finished weird
It's 9 o'clock
and no pages of 252 are done


Taboo contestants win-lose game
but miniature holes tie sick scores
and the orthocenter retired pizza
Magazines actually interest at y sub 1 minus y sub 2 quantity squared
Call it X sub one
Sorry! You must simplify and answer this distance
the altitude quantity bisector must be the median
or the centroid
zero points for questions 1234
He's on part with 44 throws
Friday's sister married negative number equations
Scalene triangle lunch has gone lengthy
and shut trouble
"oh my god." "praise the lord sister."
square root x is 2
wouldn't know what's alright X 9
Never go here
Groundbreaking pudge
Ethanol alcohol corn & hydrogen engineers oil in pollution.

Mass Media

Paralyzed analysis caught in page hell
and water burns circulation
The red blood cells rained minutes
of marketing applied TV daughters
ghetto gibberish screwed English
The brain stroke family sitcom
After having allowed Wednesday,
the girl described terrible ugly people.
today, graded assignments tape faults
Better go improve point time average five minute goal
Only hoping binder terms aren't hiring make-up quizzes
Not copy couple passed ever
What name takes nice next and know?

These poems were constructed by writing down random words that were said during the first half of each class... then those words and only those words were mashed together to form these masterpieces. I meant to do one for my last class, Art 2 but well, I forgot. So yeah.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

the original.

Questioning - analyzing
My own thoughts - my own actions - my own feelings
Trying to decipher the meaning of the word normal
The dictionary advertises it as "conforming to the standard or the common type"
It is also "Free from any mental disorder"
Normal means "natural"
But what do we define natural as?
The dictionary mentions "based upon the innate moral feeling of human kind"
My journey to understand normal has now reached moral
"conforming to accepted or established principles of right conduct"
Normal equals conformity
Which is to become like one another,
No individuality
It talks of social standards
But does this conclude
That it is impossible to be normal if people have different standards and morals

After translating through protugese, french, greek, and a hell of a lot of other languages and fixing nonexistent words in word... I ended up with... (i left in words that had no suggestions in word) so here it is:

Regularly Qyistounong - enelazong MY thoughts of box of vote - MY activities of box of vote - MY files of box of vote which does test your clean this one ugh the word that, regular "reticent" of edvirtosis will decteunera with the hater-CES ", by confirming our rule Kreuzkuemmelart", in consequence also "the end of rum, the disturbance," the mine "netyrel" bets regular wig determines netyrel whet? Does Doctounery Guenstlinge "with the aspect of a mural pun innate painting, Fu fill, MINE of the rights" juyrniy to the legal basic rules Fu of regular control istebloshid to the field of vote snout of the animal yndirstend religious tacos "with agreement" with an agreement of the regular assimilation "with courage" Whoosh with randalierter, consequently so that of apparatuses of locking of measurement the other becomes a unit, teleprinter Optativ Fu ondovodyelota seagull of nut standardizes Byteklamotten consequently cunclydi diebstahl - Optativ if ompussobli also regularly for the different standardized end which zygj' setae chorine of work of painting where perjtojhj' zete?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

the weird

The OPT of the thought of Shi was joke to the led chare,
which is blue, paving stone
which cries the timid emotion of the summer
thy out of afflictions of the good of the refuse of Thy of the ewes
fell the piled up ewes
Shi from the welkin from the end from traction from the ballot box from the oats that the unequal nut of the chi points out?
There the forest of the sun of the hire of the dye was stopped the banquet which the ascending stags tail and sees hello reversed the acclamation of the joke and the fabrics of the OPT
of the thought of Joyce Shi of the led grape,
blue of the stags hello, fitted hundredth of Shi recalls dittoes thy loose the hulas,

the misusages scrabbled in the sharpies,

thy Gitano Shi cries too well the oats
Your of the framework of the ewes of
Ebola dissimulated with the cheerio of the led, blue west of the joke and,

NOTE: this format was stolen from my brother who had stolen it from another blog.. basically the same as the original format except I took out the last step.. and the first step is different of course because I used my own poem =) A random poem of which I wrote in attempt to get my brother to put it on his literary journal w/out knowing it was me.. I submitted it under another name.. so basically... it's not in the style of what I write at all, but I shall post that below the format.

1. I opened up one of my poems in Microsoft Word
2. I ran replaced all vowels with the vowel immediately preceding it alphabetically, or in the case of Y, with A
3. I ran SpellCheck on the resulting gibberish, selecting what I thought was the most interesting choice from among each of the suggested "corrections" that Word offered
4. I translated the resulting text into Spanish on Babelfish, then from Spanish into French, then from French back into English
5. I ran SpellCheck again to find replacements for resulting non-words or foreign words it didn't recognize

She thought it was just a chair
Old, blue, stained
That was the summer she threw it away
The garbage bin was full
She stacked it on top and walked away
Did she not remember?
The day her son first stood there
The day he first climbed
The day he spilt the grape juice
She thought it was just a chair
Old, blue, stained
She can't remember the details
The holes, the messages scribbled in sharpies, the ketchup
She was able to walk away from it
To her it was just a chair
Old, blue, stained

Friday, April 07, 2006


raspy voice settled the noise
that held together
and the liquid ran across the floor, downhill in the crooked
and voice, loud,
inched closer to ears
shuddering closed eyes
wait for it all to end

Thursday, April 06, 2006

my letter to the editor!

I sent a letter to the editor to the Union Leader about a month ago, and they published it! Here it is. well basically. they edited it a little bit... I think I put it w/ there edits.. but I might be missing something that they took out... it was quite long.. So yeahhh! I CAN OFFICIALLY SAY I AM PUBLISHED! Copy & pasting from word fucked up the formating.. so I'm not going to fix it damn it! too much time because I have to leave in a few minutes

To the Editors: In response to "Opposes funding of Teen Health Services," I wonder where Joanne Rivard found her bizarre statistics. The 49-page research study by the National Institute of Health she cites does not back up her conclusions about condom ineffectiveness. The study states that "STDs can be prevented." It says that condoms can help prevent STDs.
According to Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield, Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, interpreting the NIH study, "...general consensus is that properly used condoms... are close to 100% effective in preventing the infections that are transmitted by secretions (gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis viruses)... they [condoms] are probably ~90% protective against HPV or HSV." He also states that "no safety device is 100% effective, ...neither are condoms. That doesn't mean they should not be recommended. People die despite seat belts, having smoke alarms in their homes, or wearing helmets when biking."
Her feeble attempts to prove her point are disappointing. Her "facts" are figments of her imagination. We are not being corrupted by learning the facts. It is better for teenagers to have safe sex than to have unprotected sex.
Elizabeth Gallien

what the hell was I smoking when I wrote this? nothing... damn.. guess I don't have an excuse.

tape dispensing
duct taping
counter space and a
rack of cds
to determine
what is next.


We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The president sits at his desk bringing the country further and further down
in order to form a more perfect union...
He vetoes bills that he believes is religiously wrong
establish jusice...
Mr. president. Mr. president. why bring us into war?
insure domestic tranquility....
Our soldiars are dying
provide for the common defense...
Our people are starving
promote general welfare...
And you spy on us Mr. president
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

another poem off the top of my head

This Morning shitty five minute poetry

this morning
the icicles still crash from the roof - to a lower ledge
the snow still on the ground like whitening teeth

this morning
the wind still blows across us
the trees still shake

this morning
the cat is still meowing
is she out of food... water?

this morning
dreams still form envelopes around us
they still seal away our thoughts

this morning.